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After BJP's Missed call, Next in line Congress App and AAP 'Lucky Draw'

02, Apr 2015 By shane

Delhi: It looks like the summer time is going to be a little tougher for common people in India, as they need to face the heat of the sun as well as political parties who will be approaching you to their party. BJP recently declared in a statement that, they become the world’s largest political party after a ‘Missed Call’ campaign, started some months ago. They claimed having more than 8.8 crore members in India so far. This has invited controversy, as many political parties cried foul play. Now as a counter, some parties came with their own campaign to increase membership.

AAP supporters in collection of their Lucky Draw coupon.
AAP supporters in collection of their Lucky Draw coupon.

Congress party is too keen on launching a similar campaign to increase membership with a Mobile App. They have recently launched a membership app. There are speculations that future versions might includes videos of Rahul Gandhi’s favorite TV shows – Chhota Bheem and Pokemon, to attract youth and an instant running game ‘Rahul Run – Ghar Wapsi’ on arrival of Rahul Gandhi’s return from vacation. App users can also listen to ”speeches” of Moun Mohan Singh. Digg vijay Singh has been given responsibility of this program. He explained the execution, “To use this app, people need to log in via Google or Facebook. After signing in, the user will automatically become a member of Congress. As one can have more than one account, chances of increase in number of members are higher.”

Aam Aadmi Party spokesperson revealed that they will launch a new membership campaign this summer as a tactic to beat the record set by BJP. AAP going through some tough phase, was worried about their fan base after recent sting operations. They were looking to re surge and reinstate the trust of people. ‘Lucky Draw’ was actually Manish Sisodia’s idea. He explained about the concept, “AAP will not manipulate like other parties. AAP is your party. We are here to serve you. The new ‘Lucky Draw’ campaign is just a reminder to show how much we care about people. We will start this from Delhi. Our volunteers will distribute brooms with a coupon worth Rs.10 to all households. They are required to fill up their name and address, with their consent to join AAP, after that. We will hold a lucky draw. Lucky winners will get a golden broom, signed by Arvind Kejriwal. This way we can increase our membership, we can raise fund and people will become interested too. AAP brooms will be available in all retail and whole sale stores too. This program will be renamed as ‘AAP ki le lenge’.

We asked about possible manipulation in retail sale of brooms, he showed us broom, and threatened to call bouncers. Ehm. We turned to Kejriwal, who remained quiet.