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After being denied extra sambar at Amma canteen, Subramanian Swamy files case against Jayalalitha

05, Jun 2015 By vikramkrishna

As the Karnataka government prepares to file a re-appeal in the supreme court against the acquittal of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa in the disproportionate assets case, senior BJP Leader Mr. Subramanian Swamy has filed another petition in the Supreme court against CM Jayalalithaa and and her seven alleged aides who are workers at the Amma Canteen at Anna Nagar in Chennai.

Mr. Swamy has alleged that on 16th May, 2015 he was denied extra sambar for the third time time for the two idlys that he bought at the Amma Canteen. Mr. Swamy claims in his petition, that he was denied a south indian’s fundamental right of extra sambar for idly, which according to him is a criminal offense.

Subramanian Swamy
Swamy showing his chargesheet against Java

However, the opinion of the judiciary seems to be divided on this issue. Several eminent lawyers believe that the case would not stand a chance at the Supreme court as there is no law in the constitution pertaining to the issue as yet. Those supporting the petition on condition of anonymity have said the Supreme Court has to take this case into consideration keeping in mind the regional sentiments of Tamil Nadu.

According to them it’s very inhumane and distasteful to reject extra sambar to anyone at Amma canteens, and they also believe this to be an opportune moment for the parliament to pass a law on this issue so that there is no ambiguity in the law in case of similar instances in the future.

Mr. Swamy however has also alleged it to be clear cut case of political vendetta against him, for having been original complainant in the disproportionate case against Jayalalithaa in 1996, from which she has now been acquitted. Mr.Swamy in his petition is seeking as compensation, a lifetime gift card from the Tamil Nadu government, for free food in the Amma Canteen chain all over Tamil Nude along with free home delivery in Chennai.

A case has been filed at the Chennai Anna Nagar police station and the police have started inquiry. The DGP Mr. Sundar heading the case agrees the issue to be ‘sensitive in nature’ due to local sentiments and has refused to comment further as the case is sub judice.

He told the media that preliminary investigations have started and Laxmi, 77 year old worker has been coined as the key accused in the case as she was the person who refused extra sambar to Mr. Swamy. Laxmi has been taken into custody and questioned for several hours and has revealed the names of six other workers in the canteen who were present at the scene.

But according to Mr. Sundar, Laxmi has denied any kind of connections with any political party whatsoever and has shown no signs of remorse for the act, as she believes she did the right thing.

The case is expected to come up for hearing in the Supreme Court next month and all the accused will be produced in the court. Meanwhile, the Chief Ministers office has refused to give a statement on the issue.