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After banning wine and non-veg food, PMO sends notice not to wear leather shoes to official functions

26, Aug 2014 By dasu

According to our sources PMO is preparing a confidential note on banning leather shoes in official functions which is attended by PM. The note discreetly suggests that the PMO respects the individual freedom and if someone wants to wear leather shoes, they can do so. However they need to remove their shoes before they want to meet PM or have lunch or dinner with him.

Narendra Modi
“Ban them”

PMO has also instructed Air India to inform all dignitaries travelling on board with PM not to wear leather shoes. Otherwise they have to remove their shoes at check-in counter and all those shoes will be carried to the destination in a separate cargo airline. These shoes will be handed over to the dignitaries once they reach their hotel room. They are free to wear these shoes to all the functions PM is not supposed to attend.

PMO has mentioned this is done as PM is allergic to leather shoes and wants this norm to be enforced from this Ganesh Chaturthi onwards. PMO has started looking at the itinerary of the foreign dignitaries who will soon come to India. President Obama’s visit is on the top of the PMO agenda. Indian officials have contacted their US counter parts to collect necessary details about size, color and texture of shoes the US delegation and President Obama will wear during their India visit.

PMO is exploring if we can manufacture shoes without using leather, but they have to look and feel like wearing leather shoes. This has added potential benefit of boosting our manufacturing sector. Soon PMO is going to come out with a tender on this.