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After Aditi Restaurant all currency notes to have jokes

24, Jul 2013 By Vaibhav Anand

Taking a leaf out of the book of the restaurant its youth workers shut down, the Congress led UPA government has mandated that all currency notes would now have jokes printed on them instead of the RBI Governor’s signature.

“You see #aditirestaurant has been trending for a long time now and no one even knows what our social media portal Khidkee.com is,” Congress leader and part time comedian, Digvijay Singh said. “Most people think it is an e-commerce site for selling windows. So we have decided to copy Aditi Restaurant’s strategy and print jokes on currency notes to get our message across to the masses.”

Mr. Singh shared some examples that the ‘Rahul Gandhi sycophants group’ on Khidkee.com had come up with for printing on the notes, which included “Pappu chahiye ya Puppy basher? You decide!”, “Narendra Modi ko VISA doge toh MasterCard kya karega?” and so on.

Reacting to the strong condemnation from across media quarters to Youth Congress workers shutting down Aditi Restaurant, Mr. Singh said, “The Indian media needs to learn from the UK media and stop fixating on the actions of the Congress party workers only. Look at them! Look at the amount of fuss the English media has made about the royal baby. Our royal baby, Rahul baba, gets almost no press coverage in comparison. You have to see how cute and cuddly he is too!”