Thursday, 26th April, 2018

After AAP, students demand their results to be decided through SMS poll

23, Dec 2013 By sarthak

After Aam Aadmi Party decided to conduct a sms poll for forming a government in Delhi, students from around the country are now demanding their results to be based on SMS poll.

The students are clear in their demands- Till now if a student gets 28 marks, he has to sit in the exam again. But now influenced by AAP, they want a SMS poll for such students to declare them pass. Students are also demanding their participation in setting exam papers, just like AAP’s Swaraj model.

The Fukrey Students Association, who is leading this new movement, has asked all the students to start attending all the classes if their demand is not fulfilled. Making situations more tense, some students have gone that far to ask questions from teachers during lectures giving goosebumps to teachers. It has been reported that a senior teacher of Delhi University has had a heart stroke on finding not even a single student sleeping during the lecture.

The college dean has called the demands of students impractical and has challenged them to atleast first score 28 in exams. Adding further he makes a valid point, “If you are performing like Congress in the exams, then no SMS Survey can save you.”