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Advani travels back in time to Pakistan in 2005 to prove he was anti Modi from beginning

28, Apr 2014 By Alok Malik

After Giriraj Singh of Bihar declared that modi critics should go to Pakistan, Advani became the first modi critic to do so by traveling back 9 years in time to Pakistan to prove that he has been anti modi since 2005.

He was told to have used a time machine that was developed by AAP supporters who were sick of explaining the logic of Kejriwal to resign as CM of Delhi in debates to Modi fans. They wanted to transport Kejriwal back in time to Feb 14 to stop himself from resigning as Delhi CM.

“Anything for inner satisfaction”

But as soon as BJP supporters came to know about the machine they stole it and gave it Modi, who then as a friendly gesture allowed Advani to go through the machine first. Advani being a very clever politician used it for his own anti-Modi agenda to go to Pakistan in back in 2005 to prove he was anti-modi from beginning.

As soon as Modi came to know that Advani used it to go to Pakistan then in a counter move Modi impulsively decided to transport all people who will become anti-modi in future to Pakistan. By going back in time to 1999 he urged A.B.Vajpayee to start a bus service between Delhi and Lahore by name of Sada-e-Sarhad and A.B.Vajpayee agreed on this as he thought it was peace promoting project between two countries but in fact anti-modi people were being transported to Pakistan without anybody noticing.

There were waves of happiness in Modi camp after his counter move as it was proving to be very effective and this upset Advani. He then decided to use the time machine again and took his political game to a whole new level. He transported himself to 1927 and relocated his parents to Karachi so that they give him birth in Pakistan and he can say in present that he was born anti-modi. And this bought Advani a Roadie wala salute from Arvind Kejriwal and the maker of time machine, who said that he has no regrets that his time machine was stolen.

After that Modi couldn’t produce a counter move as the time machine went dead. An IITian supporter of AAP who was head of development team of time machine told us that they specifically designed this machine to go back in time only a few months not hundreds of years. “They used it to go back 86 years in time but our machine was not designed to do that, so it went dead as soon as Advani came out of it after journeying back in time,” he said.

Now Modi is said to have been very angry as he can’t use the time machine to counter Advani’s move. So he decided to develop a time machine himself. When asked whether he can develop a time machine on his own, he said, “I have developed Gujarat, so I can develop anything”.