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Advani to introduce himself to BJP

02, Dec 2013 By FakingAD

Lal Krishna Advani would be introducing himself to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers after Nitin Gadkari, head of BJP’s Irrigation and Power department, did not recognize him at a function in Delhi.

Gadkari had apparently forgotten Advani and looked bewildered when Advani said he was the prime ministerial candidate before Narendra Modi.

Gadkari said that he remembered only Pankaj Advani, the billiards and snooker player. Gadkari said that there is news of Pankaj at least once in a couple of months and hence he could remember his name.

Advani had sought an appointment with BJPs PM candidate, Narendra Modi to express his displeasure on his treatment within the party. Modi, initially confused on who the person was, gave an appointment after receiving Advani’s biodata.

Advani is said to have introduced himself and also put in a strong pitch as to why he was important for the party. Modi, however, said that he was not sure why Advani was needed in the party, but decided to give him an opportunity to prove himself.  Modi said he would first arrange for a session where Advani could introduce himself since many would not know him.

Faking News has got to know that as a part of the session, Advani would recap his sulking stories. Advaniji is also said to be aware of the Modi factor. In order to ensure media coverage, Advani is going to dress like Modi, imitate Modi, praise Modi and sit on the chair used by Modi.

He had even requested Modi to attend the meeting. However, Modi said that he had would be watching his favorite TV programs that day and cannot make it to the meeting.

As on date, a flattering 10 BJP workers have confirmed their participation for the meeting. Sushma, a friend of Advani who confirmed her participation said that the resort venue and free food is what attracted her.