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Advani joins Congress as new president

16, May 2014 By bharamgyani

In radical attempt to turn around its’s fortune, congress has appointed L.K Advani as president of the party.”L.K Advani is a visionary with vast experience of building a party from scratch, and we hope to leverage on his potential ” said Sonia Gandhi while making the announcement. To help Advani be more effective, Sushma Swaraj will be joining as executive president.

Sources say that Obama was another person under consideration for the post. Obama’s humble background and global OBC status would have done wonders for party but in difficult time, party wanted to avoid another foreigner on the top job.

“Congress is a professionally run organization. It’s a standard practice in professional world to recruit outsider to bring in fresh idea. This move should not be seen as lack of leaders in the party but rather a professional approach to handle situation,” Manish Tiwari said in press conference.

Modi is believed to be binding factor between Advani and congress. Advani does not have party and congress does not have leader. Their combination should pose a serious threat to Modi and BJP.Congress is belived to be in discussions with other senior leaders of dying parties like Sharad Pawar, karunanidhi, Devegoda and prakash karat for post in Congress working committee.

“I lost my father in bomb blast and after so many years, I feel like having my father back. No one will be able to stop me from watching cartoon network now,” emotional Rahul said.