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Activists cool with Church vandalism as long as it is not done by Hindutvavadis

25, Apr 2015 By manithan

There were attacks on Churches in the recent times across India, which got its limelight because of the ruling party being showcased as a Hindu political party. While the first round of attacks in Delhi were brushed off as a conspiracy by BJP to make AAP win there, the second round of attacks were done in West Bengal and Maharashtra and Haryana for petty reason, which was expected to do everything with Hinduism, but ended up as ‘nothing to do with religion’.

We met some activists who were very vocal about the plight of minorities in Modi’s India during the Church vandalism episodes. An activist from Delhi, who was crying live on TV during the February attacks, said, “First, we thought that the attacks on Churches were orchestrated by Hindutvavadis. We thought BJP is using its extremist VHP and RSS groups to attack Churches, thereby polarising the voters. But, it later turned out to be petty thefts. We tried our best to link it with Modi and Hindutva and we put all our efforts on it. I ask those thieves, why don’t they join RSS or VHP in the past? All our efforts in trying to create ‘minority under siege’ in international media is now gone. Good that media is publishing our mistakes in lower corner of 18th page.”

Activists now fume that they had carried wrong placards. 'By protesting against minorities, we have made a cruel mistake', one such activist said.
Activists now fume that they had carried wrong placards. ‘By protesting against minorities, we have made a cruel mistake’, one such activist said.

Another activists, who named himself as John The Yaal, said, “I am pretty much sure that these Church attacks still has links with Hinduism. I’m not saying it, your RSS only are saying it.”

Giving a few seconds gap to help us imbibe this shock, he continued, “Your RSS had said that ‘all Indians are Hindus by DNA’. So, the attackers are by default Hindus. Hindutva has Hindu in it, so this is nothing but attack by Hindutva groups.”

We met yet another activist in Mumbai. She said, “Look! First, it was confirmed by an award winning investigative journalists that Hindutvavadis did the Church attacks. But now, non-journalistic investigators have found out that the attackers are from unknown community. We don’t need to outrage now, as it is cool as long as these kind of attacks are not done by Hindutvavadis. By the way, can’t a minority in India does not have right to attacks others? This is a serious minority right violation, to arrest such minorities who just want to take revenge.”

Kudos to Indian Media for not raking up these church attacks cases, once it was found out that it was done by people from an unknown minority community and thereby saving the secular fabric of a plural India. Now, economic pundits pastors are forecasting that investment will flow into India like Ganga manna from heaven.