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'Achhe Din' ahead for Rahul Gandhi

02, Jun 2017 By Bhartendra Singh

Streaming media giant Netflix, which is looking to expand it’s base in India is contemplating signing Rahul Gandhi. After receiving positive feedbacks for Vir Das stand up special and a growing fondness amongst Indians for stand up comedy, this decision might be a game changer for Netflix.

The dwindling fortunes of Congress party and lack of scams might have pushed the Gandhi family on the brink of poverty. Although the youth in this icon refuses to leave him , he has decided to be the man of the house.

Rahul Gandhi damn happy
Rahul Gandhi damn happy

Digvijay Singh who had earlier claimed to be the ‘Gopichand’ of Congress is allegedly upset. “Why wasn’t I considered¬†for a special, I mentored Rahulji. I have my own collection of videos”, retorted Digvijay Singh.

Netflix came to this decision after a number of his videos started trending on YouTube. The content was mostly self deprecating humour sprinkled with political ironies. However, our sources have confirmed that Netflix hasn’t reached out to Rahul Gandhi as yet. They are believed to be waiting for him to finish his tour of Southern states.

He is also slated to perform for Karunanidhi on his 94th birthday. “If this tour generates the same kind of buzz as the 2014 Lok Sabha campaign , then one can expect a Netflix special in the late summer”,says Sanjay Jha, who is going to manage Rahul Gandhi . Congress spokespersons have welcomed this news and have promised to finally laugh out loud when Rahul Gandhi signs with Netflix.