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Abhijit Mukherjee talks sense, finally

07, Jul 2014 By nandakumar

Abhijit Mukherjee, the Congress MP from West Bengal has once again hit the headlines for his comments about Tapas Pal, the TMC  MP from West Bengal.

Abhijit is famous for his comment about “painted and dented women”. He became world famous after he was interviewed by Arnab on Times Now about his famous comments about women. Both Arnab and Abhijit  jointly hold the Guiness record. Arnab for repeating  the same question 100 times within 45 minutes and Abhijit for repeating the answer 101 times within 45 minutes in that TRP record breaking interview.

Our citizens were relieved to know that Abhijit, chastened by his duel with Arnab, did not open his mouth for six months after that, even to eat food!!

So it was shocking to hear that Abhijit has once again opened his mouth this time in support of Tapas Pal. However Abhijit appeared to be well prepared for the expected onslaught from Arnab.

Talking to Faking news reporter, Abhijit said that Tapas Pal had said nothing wrong. Since the CPM is painted and dented they deserve all that Tapas Pal had promised to do unto them!!

He reasoned that CPM is painted Red and very badly dented in the recent Elections and hence they deserve no sympathy from the Congress. He praised Tapas Pal for his bravery and has recommended Tapas Pal for the National Bravery award. The recommendation has been sent to the President of India.

According to Mukherjee family sources, the National Bravery Award will be conferred on Tapas Pal during the forthcoming Independence Day next month.

Mamta Didi has recommended Abhijit for the  National TAGORE award which  is given for outstanding achievement in fostering harmony and universalism and values of cultural harmony especially in conflict or extreme situations through innovative systems/strategies and which have an enduring and transformational impact.