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Aashish reveals 'real' reason for Yogendra’s and Prashanth’s resignation!

27, Mar 2015 By zugzwang

New Delhi. In a hurriedly arranged midnight press conference at Janakpuri, AAP spokesperson Aashish hit out at Yogendra and Prashant for trying to stabilise AAP by holding continuous talks with Team Arvind and working out a compromise. He said AAP is already very unstable for a reason and all party members are fed up with these two trying to bring in a semblance of sense to this party. He kept repeating that these two talk one thing inside closed doors and something else outside while also adding that this is the only quality of these two that has still endeared them to lakhs of volunteers across the country.

When prodded further, Aashish revealed the ‘real’ reason for Team Arvind’s decision to gun for Yogendra’s and Prashant’s resignation. He said that the two were opposing Arvind’s month long absence from Delhi to undergo a course of Naturopathy in Bangalore for treating his chronic cough. As per Aashish’s claims, Yogendra and Prashant were very upset that Arvind took a decision to cure his chronic cough without proper deliberation within the Political Affairs Committee. The duo had infact approached the internal Lokpal to adjudicate on this matter, but before the Lokpal’s ruling, Arvind was already on his way to Bangalore.

Yogendra Yadav taking his stand for Arvind's resignation
Yogendra Yadav taking his stand for Arvind’s resignation

Sources close to Yogendra told our news team that Yogendra and Prashant were of the opinion that Arvind without his trademark cough was just like Manmohan Singh without his blue turban and Rahul Gandhi without his low IQ. The unique selling point that endeared AAP and hence Arvind to the masses was his vulnerability to cough at the opportune time. However, with this treatment, Arvind’s cough had vanished thereby robbing the movement of their biggest weapon. Sources revealed that Yogendra felt that Arvind in fact put his self interest before the interest of the party/nation and hence caused grave injustice to the lakhs of volunteers who left their jobs for this cause. The sources also told us that Yogendra could not raise this issue in public since it would expose Arvind’s selfishness and hence he had raised some minor issues to appease the media.

However, when we tried to confirm this with Team Prashant, they flatly denied asking Arvind’s resignation on this flimsy reason. They said that the real reason for resigning today was the dismal performance by Team India in the ICC Cricket World Cup! Prashant was upset that Arvind did not have the time to tweet his best wishes to any member of the Indian cricket team while the Prime Minister of India could. They felt that he should have sent a tweet each to Shikar and Virat, the Delhi boys in Team India, if not to everyone else. Sources also said that Prashant had drafted a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) last week urging Arvind to tweet his best wishes, but held it back due to lack of time. Team Prashant squarely blamed Arvind for the huge loss and the rash shots played by the Delhi boys in the match. However, Prashant himself was not available for comment as he was busy drafting his next PIL.

It is indeed great days for AAP. They are multiplying faster than amoebae and maintain their unstable culture till this day. No sooner did Yogendra and Prashanth resign from AAP, different versions for the resignation have come out from their individual camps. While Team Yogendra blames Arvind’s cough, Team Prashant blames it on Arvind’s lack of social media skills. It is anybody’s guess how long Team Yogendra and Team Prashant will present a united front against Team Arvind. The daggers are out and the show has just begun!