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AAP's strategy for Lok Sabha run

03, Mar 2014 By khichdi

AAP’s covenor Arvind Kejriwal has made it clear that AAP will be fielding its honest candidates for the LokSabha elections. We talked to one of the AAP spokesperson about their party’s strategy for the upcoming 16th Lok Sabha Elections, to be held this year. Excerpts from the interview:-

Q-1:- Which party, do you think ,will come to power in 2014? Ans :- That people will decide. We are no one to decide.We are very small people. We are not here for power. Whoever comes to power, we don’t care. Important is that we will not form any alliance with any party after the Lok Sabha.They all are corrupt. They have separated us from our beloved ‘Janlokpal’. Now,they will rot in hell.

Q-2 :- Will you give issue-based support to any party? Ans :- No, let me categorically state that we will not give support to any of the current parties. They are all corrupt. Moreover, what we actually wish to produce is ‘hung’ results. We want to see these corrupt parties die of frustration. We want to see them fall short of a few seats to form the government at the centre.

Q-3 :- Are you hinting at BJP? Ans :- May be. May be Narendra Modi wins. Currently, there is a ‘Modi’ wave in the nation. May be he wins. But, he may not be able to win a majority because of us. But then we may rethink our policy of not supporting any prty. But then the problem is we may run away mid-way. So, we don’t know if allegedly ‘important’ Modi can trust on us. You know, running is adventurous,its healthy to run as many times as possible.

Q-4:- How are you choosing candidates for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections? Ans :- Well, we are conducting ‘Litmus’ tests. All candidates are being asked certain questions, and their answers are passed through ‘Litmus Honesty’ tests. If the litmus paper turns from green to red, then it is a positive signal to take the candidate in, otherwise the litmus paper turns from green to red and then we know that this person is bad for democracy and he is not the DDT but the fertilizer for corruption crop..

Q-5 :- You released a list of ‘corrupt’ politicians without ample proof against them. Don’t you think that sets a bad precedent of  acting as self-proclaimed judges? Ans :- See, I have already told you that we have put in place stringent ‘Litmus Honesty’ procedures for selecting our candidates. So, an AAP candidate’s word should be taken as truth.

Q-6 Ok, thank you so much Sir for answering our questions patiently. Ans :- Its ok yar, we are small people. You don’t need an appointment even. Kabhi aao, kabhi jao. Aur next time, 5 nahi dus sawaal poochna. I am an Aam Aadmi, I can put up with so much more.