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AAP's Free water supply scheme, influencing people to take bath daily

03, Jan 2014 By vinayrao

People are creating new records bathing.
People are creating new records bathing.

The top federal institute of the country, CBI (Central Bathing Institute), has conducted survey among delhi’s aam janta to know about increase in the bathing percentage across the capital. Their survey claimed that, irrespective of gender, religion, or age, free availability of water has affected every individual and influencing every aam janta to take bath daily. About this change, CBI director Nahanopaadhyaay (who always kept track of the record) said that this kind of transition in the percentage never happened in the history and he is confident that it would influence other parts of the country as well.

By hearing about this news, our country’s commander in charge, Dr Chupaadhyaksh took oath again for not to speak. Besides, other party MLAs who are suffering from kujlis are still skeptical about this free water supply scheme and took oath of not taking bath at all in their life time. However, one MLA broke the promise and started using free water, but later he was caught in our sting operation.

About this recent development in the country’s capital, MAP’s (Mango Admi Party) founder Mr Aamdhar expressed oath of thanks to every aam janta for effective usage of free water scheme. Further, he promised that his party would release more water in future so that people can take bath 3 times a day. Finally when he was asked about his own bathing program, he asserted that he, himself, doesn’t need to take bath at all as he is always more happy only to see his country men taking their baths more and more times a day.