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AAP vows to change the 'oath' of ministers

31, Dec 2013 By newsux

Mr. Jung and Mr. Kejriwal look perplexed while reading the oath.
Mr. Jung and Mr. Kejriwal look perplexed while reading the oath.

New Delhi/Mumbai. The whole country has been closely following the rise of AAP which reached a new pedestal as Kejriwal and his team took their oaths as the cabinet at Ramlila grounds in Delhi today.

A large number of people from all walks of life had gathered to witness the beginning of, what they call, a new era in Indian democracy. Many still watched the event live on their TV sets at home. Such events, although common, do not usually attract so much attention of people beyond the political party workers.

However, along with the widespread attention, the event also invited a lot of scrutiny from the people and the media. Although the content of the oaths for all the ministers has been the same ever since, it was the first time the people of this country noticed the complexity of the language and the vocabulary.

While the oaths were being taken, even the Lt. Governor of Delhi, Mr. Jung who was swearing in the ministers looked perplexed, to say the least, let alone the common man in the audience. The internet yuva of India was quick to react. A user with twitter handle @cool_delhiite tweeted, “dnt knw y they are usin sanskrit 2day.” The popular socialite and expert on all matters, Ms. Shobha Night tweeted, “Such brilliantly crafted and articulate language and oath. Way to go AAP!”, perhaps not realizing that it was not the AAP who had designed the oath.  While English media of the country are quite oblivious to anything that happens in Hindi, because they are inadept, the Hindi media was soon to take notice of the people’s reaction.

To the surprise of everyone, Kejriwal after taking the oath, talking to the reporters admitted that he himself was discontent with the contents of the oath and could not understand the words himself. He said that it was the first time he had seen what the oath is like and it was more difficult than he expected. “How can someone even understand those words of chaste Hindi in today’s India? The politicians have ruined the education system and no one is concentrating on Hindi, so why the oath is in shudh Hindi. It needs to be changed”, he said.

Kejriwal added, “The oath is a very sanctimonious thing in not only Indian culture, but world wide. I am sure that our corrupt politicians don’t understand a word while taking the oath, else they would not be as corrupt.” Mr. Prashant Bhushan told the reporters that he would file a PIL in the Supreme Court of India to change the contents of the oath and he would suggest a committee of 4-5 experts including Navjot Sidhu and Ashutosh Rana to redraft the oath.  Our sources tell that even Dr. Kumar Vishwas, a renowned Hindi poet and a professor of Hindi found it difficult to understand the language himself.

Talking to a channel he said that it was essential to bring transparency at each and every step of the functioning of the government and the oath was useless as it could not be understood by the common man. He even suggested to have the oath in Hinglish so it could reach more people. “The oath has to conform to the aam-aadmi and present circumstances and I would suggest use of phrases of common use like, ‘God promise’, ‘I swear’, ‘kasam udaan jhalle ki’, ‘Ganga maiyya ki saugandh’, ‘Geeta pe haath rakh ke kasam khaata hoon’, etc. which would strike a cord with the Bollywood crazy Indian aam-aadmi. Changing the oath will be now on our agenda as point number 19.” he added.

This is not the first instance when the AAP has taken on the tradition ingrained in the political methods. Arvind Kejriwal, after taking the oath today, also sang a song, which is also a first of its kind. Given that Kejriwal is not a natural singer, it also invoked some strong reactions, to the extent that Anu Malik, the judge of the  TV show Indian Idol, expressed his anger by tweeting, “AAP Mumbai nahi aa sakte.”

AAP Mumbai chapter was quick to take on Malik and he had to delete the tweet after facing harsh criticism over his own singing capability. However, people are welcoming this new change and if sources are to be believed, even Rahul Gandhi is all set to conclude his next rally with a poem (which may well be: Twinkle Twinkle little star).