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AAP volunteers replace doctors, engineers, judges and criminals in Delhi

21, Jan 2014 By manithan

Delhi: It seems Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will leave no stone unturned in cleaning existing system in Delhi.

AAP volunteers going to clean Sewage system.
AAP volunteers going to clean Sewage system.

In an announcement made by AAP’s valid spokesperson, it is confirmed that there will be an exodus of judges, doctors, engineers and criminals from Delhi, as AAP volunteers will be replacing them. And the time limit is decided as just one day, as AAP does not hesitate to overhaul the system. They were told to be called as aam doctor, aam engineer and aam rowdy.

AAP volunteers were seen running amock in the streets, filling the clinics, offices and garages. One aam doctor, Aditya Sharma, shouted, “I always wanted to be a doctor. But I could not get a seat in any medical college, as I had studied accountancy. It was cruelty of BJP that I did not get that seat. But, now, I’m a doctor. “

Aditya was seen writing prescription in a neat handwriting. His first patient was an African girl and he has written in the prescription to her as ‘Go to Jail. You are druggie’. When we asked, he shouted, “You don’t know. We know. We are aam aadmi“.

Our reporter met another aam doctor, Deepak, who was busy in taking X-ray for patients who came with fever. He gave anti-TB tablets to Cancer patients, anti-Cancer tablet to Malaria patients, anti-Malaria pills to AIDS patients and so on.

When asked, he said, “We are changing the system. We will treat patients in a new way. Do you know that Gujarat has highest number of Malaria death? It is due to BJP and Modi who spread Malaria in all areas. We will stop them at all costs”.

A senior surgeon who was evacuating his home was stopped by our reporter. He looked tense and said, “Yesterday, when I was doing operation, AAP volunteers broke into surgery room and told me to show my hands to check whether my hands are clean without corruption. They even smelled my hands to check whether it smells of bribe. But, the funnier thing is they didn’t realise that I was involved in Piles operation,” he chuckled to ease himself.

AAP volunteers were seeing planning homes, malls and other buildings in Delhi. Priya jain, aam engineer said, “I have played Monopoly and Sims. Also I have used Lego bricks. I’m confident that I can build complexes. We are not corrupt like BJP. ” They were seen breaking all Modi guard glasses in malls, colleges and schools, as they believed those glasses are guarding Modi.

AAP have set up special fast track courts. They will be delivering justice within minutes. Their justice delivery in the Danish rape case was so fast that the Denmark government has praised Kejriwal and his party.

Goons of Delhi were scared after seeing the power of AAP volunteers. Gabbar singh, a famous rowdy of Delhi, told via phone that, “Bhai, This is something shocking. Even, we do not attack people like that. We thought they are aam aadmis, but their atrocity has no parallels to our modus operandi. I’m moving to Uttar Pradesh now. “

There were reports of raids on every home, where volunteers were taking away Hard disks from computers, as they justified that it might get corrupted.