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AAP unveils employment scheme

20, Feb 2014 By counterview

AAP Employment Scheme

AAP karta dharta and PM hopeful Mr Mufler-wala today unveiled a fool proof method to rid India of unemployment, specially in the 18-25 years male category.

The idea is to leverage the propensity of this demography to participate in AAP led dharnas. The PM hopeful said that if his party was voted to power or maybe even if it was not, no 18-25 year male would find himself out of a job. He said that AAP would employ all unemployed youth to sit on dharnas demanding employment. Hence there would be vicious virtuous circle created , whereas while the unemployed waited for jobs, they could be earning a good salary.

Asked how he would pay the dharna-sitters, he said that there are plenty of morons NRIs pumping money into AAP. Hence there was no dearth of funds.

Asked about value-creation, AK said, “Hum yahan logo ko jobs dilane ke liye nahin aaye hain. Hum corruption hatane ke liya aaye hain. Clean politics se sab sambhav hain and sab jante hain dharna is the purest form of protests and politics.”

Asked how this was different from the other employment scheme launched by Scamgress, he said, “We believe in inclusivity. Earlier scheme relied only on Indian taxpayers to fund the scheme .We have included NRIs in sustaining the employment scheme.”