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AAP to sit on dharna against AAP for allotment of publicity budget of 526 crores

06, Jul 2015 By chachachaudhary

When our reporter Bonobos interviewed AAP’s spokesperson Ashutosh and asked him “Why  does AAP intend to spend huge amount of 526 crores in publicity and advertisements”, Ashutosh replied: “Anybody without a surname Modi is denied the fundamental right to be popular in India so to counter such dire  injustice AAP has decided on such an  advertisement budget.”

When Bonobos countered Ashutosh as “Whether such expenditures were in line with  AAP’s principles”, Ashutosh replied, “Definitely AAP is against VIP culture and hero worship, so it will hold demonstrations and dharnas  against AAP and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. AAP would be the first political party in the world which protested and holded (sic.) dharna against itself and it is the ultimate proof of our honesty.”

Dharna with Muffler

“Even Kejriwal himself would be attending the dharna.We  have  already booked Jantar Mantar for entire week for this dharna,” he added.

When  bonobos asked whether such a move could backfire, Ashutosh replied that he can easily blame it on Modi and Congress as usual.

AAP volunteers were found to be very happy and they said that it’s a win-win situation for them as they would be gaining publicity from the advertisement  budget and internal satisfaction from dharna as well.

Ashutosh also declared that those participating in this dharna against AAP would get honesty certificates signed by Sri Sri Sri Sri Sri Jeetendra Tomar. He also invited Congress and BJP as well to join the dharna against AAP as it is the first of its kind and indeed a beginning of a new political revolution.

Regarding the future dharnas and protests, he revealed that they would protest against Filmfare if the woman in the AAP’s TV advertisement doesn’t get the Filmfare award for best actress.

He also told Bonobos that they also might hold dharna against Arnab for only focusing towards Lalit Modi and ignoring them altogether.

When asked by reporter Bonobos as what would be the new examples his party would be setting, Ashutosh replied that his party would soon be introducing a new concept “dharna against dharma” to counter any dharnas by BJP and Congress.

Reacting to this news, Congress spokesperson praised Rahul Gandhi for his new jibe “radio and tv advertisement waali sarkar” and said that they are confident that Congress would form the next government in Delhi riding on this Rahul’s new jibe.