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AAP to seek referendum to decide number of rooms in CM’s home

04, Jan 2014 By takeitlight

As Delhi’s new CM Arvind Kejrival has rejected the bigger houses with 5+5 rooms amid wide criticism by BJP lead opposition, AAP is confused about the right number of rooms in Chief Minister’s home.

AAP supporting minimum 2 rooms for everyone.
AAP supporting minimum 2 rooms for everyone.

Unconfirmed news sources have confirmed that AAP may seek people’s opinion to decide number of rooms in the house of Delhi CM.

The real aam admi of Delhi who are seeking bigger homes from government have welcomed this move. When asked, one of the AAM Aadmi said, “Change has to start from the top and if CM moves to bigger house, that will legitimize our demand for bigger house. Government has looted us for 15 years. Now its time for Aam Adamis to loot the government. All it takes is a SMS and we all will contribute to it.”

On the other hand political opponent BJP is confused by this masterstroke as usual and has argued that this is a irresponsible way to put responsibility of the important decision on aam aadmi.A rich Aam Aadmi with a big house said, “We want CM to have biggest home in Delhi. If CM does not get a big home then we may also be penalized for having more than 2 rooms in the house. In the season of cross subsidies it is also possible that we may be forced to open some rooms of our home to those with less than 2 rooms in house. Only way to avoid this is to make sure CM has biggest house in Delhi.”

When asked a person named Andh Vishvas, claiming to be a mass leader of AAP, he said, “Seeking people’s advise on tough issues and decisions is in the DNA of AAP and hence there is nothing wrong in it. When elections were fought people voted on bigger issues like corruption and congress. Now we need to know people’s view on other small but important issues before taking any policy decision.”

When asked what was his personal views about bigger house for CM, he said “AAP members don’t have a view of there own. They share the view of Aam janta and hence you will know my and CM’s view only when referendum is complete.”

On the question if there will be probe against Sheila Dixit for corruption charges he said, “We have been in power for just 10 days. We will seek referendum for that once we complete 5 years in government.”