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AAP to offer services in Dharna consultancy

24, May 2014 By cartman

New Delhi. After a calamitous defeat of the Aam Aadmi party in the recent general elections, the party has finally chosen to take a different route.

Kejriwal at a seminar

“Dekhiye main to imandaar aadmi hoo aur logo ki madad karna chahta hoo,” said a very hopeful Kejriwal.

“Aaj desh ki janta pareshan hai. Today everyone has problems either with something or someone and I have always believed dharna to be the ultimate solution for all problems. But for a good dharna you need people so AAP has decided to supply people for dharnas. We have various packages which we can customize basis our client needs. Why don’t you avail our early bird discount?” asked Kejriwal while handing his brand new business card to our reporter.

“We will not be called AAP workers any longer,” said Mr. Yogendra Yadav, the Chief Dharna Specialist, “We are not politicians anymore, we are entrepreneurs. It’s imperative we have fitting designations.”

“I have a very important role to play in our new venture and it’s making me nostalgic,” said the IT head, Mr. Somnath Bharti.

“I’m working on the new website which would feature all the details, packages etc. but what’s making me nostalgic is the idea of connecting with people and spreading the good word through email once again. I am building a huge database of email addresses and will soon be contacting each one of them with our amazing offers,” said a very excited Mr. Somnath Bharti and this is when our reporter realized why their office entry-register had the field ‘email address’ as mandatory.

When asked our reporter to comment on this he said, “Everything inside an AAP office is fake, then why shouldn’t my email address be.”