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AAP to form its own cricket team, calls it ‘Aam Aadmi Cricket Club’

03, Feb 2014 By पत्रकार पाण्डे

Today AAP held a meeting at its party office with all their top leaders participating. Their main agenda was to discuss the current scenario of Indian cricket.

They expressed their worries about our cricket team’s downfall in recent years especially in foreign tours. Arvind Kejriwaal, national convener and now CM of Delhi blamed team for not doing their job ‘honestly’. Later, a proposal was passed to form a cricket team for aam aadmi, so that aam aadmi can select their own players, umpires, stadium, venues etc. They named it ‘Aam Aadmi Cricket Club.’

Patrakaar Pandey interviewed Satyaprakash Imaandaar, an AAP’s spokesperson. Here is what he said, “see, it’s democracy, aam aadmi must have powers to control their cricket team. Cricket is widely watched and enjoyed by common people in our country. So, we have strong concerns over their performances. If they can’t play well in foreign countries, then why we keep sending them abroad?”

“But it’s a tradition; national teams keep travelling other countries for playing. Other teams also come to India and we too defeat them.’ Upon asking this question shri Imaandaar said, ‘look…we are here for breaking rituals. You can see, what we did at Somnath Bharti’s case. Our CM sat at dharnaa. Our ministers refused security and bungalows. We want to change the set patterns and systems. Aam aadmi needs change. We applied it everywhere and now its cricket’s turn.”

“BCCI is a regulatory body of cricket in India, what if they don’t permit your team?’ ‘We will again sit at dharnaa and do upwaas outside BCCI office. If they still refuse, we will form our own board for that.’ he answered further.

‘What about if other countries refuse to play with your team, central government’s stand over it, ICC’s approval etc?’ he said, ‘see, these are other smaller issues. We will discuss these at our meetings and will release a final draft in 10 days.”

“What will be the procedure of selecting players?”

“We will invite applications from people all across country. Will make a committee to review those applications and shortlisted candidates will be called for interview and trial. Further, we will issue a helpline number where people can call and give their opinions about team’s performance. During a series, team members, umpires, venues, stadiums for every match will be decided by an opinion poll carried through sms, facebook, our website and phonecalls etc.”

Shri Arvind Kejriwaal Jee has appealed all good and honest players to join our team. Even good and honest players from other cricket teams may also come and join us. We have vision for a ‘complete democratic cricket team.’ We will review rules & regulations and will make suitable changes so that aam aadmi can also perform well,” he concluded.

After this announcement, there came rapid reactions from political parties, civil society and social media. Lalu Prasad Yadav ex CM of Bihar, tweeted, “bahut badhiya laga. Ab aam aadmi bhi cricket khel sakega. E bade logon ke chalte hamaar betwaa bhi team me select nahi ho paya tha.”

An AAP leader off the record told us that Lalu Yadav spoke to Kejriwaal on phone and offered their support if his son can get a chance to play in AACC.Congress leader Rajiv Shukla said,’ they are creating anarchy everywhere. We will condemn any such effort.’

BJP claimed “They(AAP) have stolen our idea. We were all set to launch our ‘Modi Cricket Team’ after ‘Modi Jee’ would become PM.”

A senior official of BCCI unofficially told ‘Faking News‘, ‘this is not a threat to us, after all ICC is in our hands. Will they form their own ICC too? (said laughing).

Meanwhile, a member of ‘Team India’ in New Zealand whom we talked secretly doubts that some delhi guys sitting outside the team, might be behind AAP’s this kind of move.