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AAP to establish recreation zone for it's members

31, Mar 2014 By visshu

New Delhi:  AAP, which is relatively a new party and came up with creative approaches(Ink- Dharna etc) to grab media attention are planning another creative step maintain low attrition rate of On-bech party members.

Party’s leaders and members are busy and following a hectic schedule right after it’s existence. First it was Delhi elections and now Parliament election 2014.

AAP Activists
After announcement.

According to party sources, this recreation zone is the need of the hour as most of the members and leaders are coming from IT companies and corporate environment and in IT companies recreation zone is the best companion of an ON-Bench employee and that’s why this planned recreation zone will help members and will be utilized by leaders and members after May 2014.

When our reporter Nasht Dimaag Aadmi (NDA) asked senior AAP leader Yogender Yadav (Yo Yo) about this ambitious project, he said the beauty of this recreation center is that it is being build on member’s personal interest.

When Nasht (NDA) asked him to elaborate (Topi Khol ke bolein thoda…). He replied, It will have a GATE ZONE, which is getting designed for Ashutosh, who is known for his short temper and high jumps. So, whenever he feel over stressed, he would come here and relax.

Another Zone is named as- HOLY-INK Zone, which will give members a real time ink game experience in OFF-season (after May). Adjacent to this zone there will be a section with rubber balls. On this Yo Yo told NDA that hum Hinsa k virodhi hai isiliye yahaan harmless ribber balls hai.

Apart from that there will be a camera room, which is getting build on special demand of Mr. Kejriwal. Where he would find cameras and water canon showers(Jharna) and feel like a real DHARNA environment.

When Yogender Yadav was asked about Mr. Somnath Bharti’s choice of recreation zone, he didn’t say anything and moved on.

So, it will be interesting to see AAP’s recreation zone coming into existence.