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AAP supporters demand "Pelt Stones" feature in Facebook

08, Mar 2014 By Smarajit Dhar

After the scintillating performance of violating the model code of conduct hours after it was announced, AAP supporters have petitioned Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg to create a “Pelt Stones” option in Facebook.

AAP supporters all over India, referred to as “AAPtards” derogatorily, felt the urgent need for this feature as they felt totally left out of the action in Delhi when AAP supporters in Delhi came out defying the law to protest against the BJP.

Stone Pelting
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They were specially disappointed when they found their brethren gleefully pelting stones at the BJP headquarters and they could only watch them on television making a mockery of the code of conduct announced by the Election Commission of India.

AAP supporters all over India realized that it might not be possible for them to be omnipresent all over India where they can indulge in stone pelting as freedom of expression, they have resolved to request Facebook to provide the “Pelt Stones” feature immediately so that they can participate in the fun whenever anything negative is published or said about AAP.

Mr Rajmohan Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, who was overseeing the stone pelting exercise in Delhi by the AAP supporters claims that the idea is his brainchild. He felt that his grandfather would have vigorously approved this idea as no actual stones would be actually pelted this way. Except for of course when actual stone pelting by AAP supporters happen and such historic events are telecast live.

With the “Pelt Stones” features AAP supporters in India and all over the world will never feel left out from this important and necessary exercise in democracy and it would only improve the sense of camaraderie among the AAP supporters even though it is over the Internet.

Facebook has refused to comment at this new request made by AAP supporters though they are wary about how active they are on Facebook. In fact sources say that Facebook has fortified its headquarters and offices everywhere to protect its employees from any possible stone pelting by potential AAP supporters if this feature is not introduced immediately.

Sensing Facebook’s hesitance, Arvind Kejriwal sent a list of 16 questions to Mark Zuckerberg asking him if he will double the price of gas at the top of the list. In a hurriedly convened press conference he termed Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook as Modi’s agents who are in collusion with the BJP suppressing the right to freedom of expression of AAP supporters by pelting stones.