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AAP supporter secretly buys RIL stocks; inflates share price to claim Modi works for Ambani

26, Jun 2014 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Mumbai: AAP never blames anybody without statistical evidence, save Nitin Gadkari and Kapil Sibbal. Although data provided by them can be sometimes misleading, factually incorrect or even out of context. But you can be sure of one thing; there will be data, and loads of it.

The trait was on full display by Harshad Jhunjhunwala, an avid Kejriwal supporter went on share buying spree on Monday causing Reliance share to jump by 5%.

Arvind Kejriwal
“Achhe din aa gayein Ambani ke”

On the day when AAP was busy persuading nation to #BoycottReliance after Reliance took over Network18, Jhunjhunwala started buying Reliance shares as soon as they were available in market and caused the Reliance stock to shoot up by 2%. Seeing the upsurge, other traders (not to be confused with news traders) also started buying and within no time it gained 5%. Jhunjhunwala the only AAP supporter who was ecstatic by watching Reliance share grow, straight away tweeted:

Reliance share price is up by 5%. Ambani ke acche din aa gaye #BoycottReliance

This was immediately re-tweeted by Arvind Kejriwal and 400 others within 1 hour. All over the internet AAP supporters started quoting the stock price to indicate the nexus between Reliance and Narendra Modi. Jhunjhunwala became instant hit with AAP supporters. However, as the day passed, Jhunjhunwala’s portfolio grew fat and he earned more than 50 thousand rupees in a single day.

Soon he realized that he did not hate Ambani that much. “Nita Ambani partnered a Satyamev Jayate which appealed people to vote for honest people, indirectly indicating AAP. Why we did not hate Ambani then?  So what if he is not completely honest, so what if he jacks up gas price, at least he is doing something,” Jhunjhunwala updated his status on Facebook.

When Shaitaan Khopdi™ contacted him to get his reaction, he said, “Everybody works to earn money yaar!!! He is also a human after all. I went to AAP office where their volunteers convinced me that Adani, Ambani are all corrupt. They bombard you with statistics and make your mind go numb. My advice to everybody is that when you go to AAP office or a Sajid Khan’s movie, keep your brains out.”