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AAP sends legal notice to Shiv Sena for doing more Nautanki than AAP

11, Nov 2014 By Ankur Jain

In a move that has increased the political temperatures of the country, AAP has sent a legal notice via Ram Jethmalani, to Shiv Sena. AAP has demanded that Shiv Sena must stop doing more Nautaki than AAP.

Nautanki no 1?
Nautanki no 1?

The move was widely seen as a face-saver for AAP, which is (in) famous for its Raita Spreading Abilities (RSA). By doing this, they hope to regain the Number 1 tag of Nautanki.

Said a senior member of AAP, “It was getting out of hand. If the one thing we are famous for, is now being done by the non-secular parties, then why will people vote for us?” He further claimed that having stolen the Broom (BJP’s Swacch Bharat Abhiyan) and Nautanki, AAP was left with Muffler and Khansi as the main planks of its plan to regain power in Delhi.

Shiv Sena spokesperson said that they are examining the notice and shall respond to it through a tweet, a video, a poster, a press conference and then delete it. He further claimed that there was no copyright of AAP on Nautanki and that anyone could buy 9 water tanks.

When explained that this too was copyright of AAP only, he shouted, “Are you an Ambani agent?”.

This reporter ran back to his hideout in Antilla.