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AAP puts stricter admission cutoffs, new volunteers to have min 95% in Class XII, fake marksheets accepted

28, May 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: Senior AAP leader Surender Singh yesterday declared new and much stricter admission criteria for volunteers who now wish to join Aam Aadmi Party. Each AAP aspirant should have obtained atleast 95% marks in class 12th to be a part of the party. Singh also mentioned that fake mark-sheets may be accepted if they closely look like the genuine ones.

This news has sent shock-waves throughout millions of AAP aspirants who barely passed class XII and have not obtained anywhere close to above said percentage in their class XII exams. On the other hand the fake mark-sheet clause has sent the share prices of many printing companies sky rocketing. Many color-photocopy shop owners are already predicting double digit growth in revenues and have started hiring in large numbers.

95% Nahi toh Baat Nahi!
Aaj ki date mein IIT ki degree tak fake mil jaati hai. Bas ji jugaad karna aana chaahiye!

Pappu Varma from “Billoo & Pappu printing solutions” talked to our reporter on conditions of anonymity – “After this announcement so many people are coming in for getting their Class XII percentage increased from 40-45% to 95%, by getting “new” marksheets. Seeing the increasing demand for this particular type of request we have even created a marksheet template called AAP cut-off marksheet where we just key in your name and your fresh marksheet is ready in 5 mins. We have standardized its price to 500 rupees per copy.

Many wannabe social workers and actors are getting themselves accredited to AAP’s new admission criteria, by getting these “new” marksheets. We are also providing discounted rates for our bulk customers such as NGOs who are getting “new” marksheets done for more than 50 people in one order.”

On being asked if he is facing any law related issues while creating these “new” marksheets, Pappu laughed off these concerns. He added – “Everyone has a percentage cut in this business. Yesterday two AAP guys came to my shop, quietly did a secret sting operation with their mobile phone and then threatened me with a police case. I just asked them to stay at my shop for 2 hours. When they saw the number of people getting “new” marksheets, they themselves got two copies in their names and quietly left the place.”