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AAP promises free Wi-Fi near polling booth to counter liquor distribution by BJP, Congress

04, Dec 2013 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

New Delhi: On the eve of Delhi elections AAP has thrown down their biggest trump card. Arvind Kejriwal has announced free Wi-Fi near polling booths to encourage high voter turnout in their favor. Yesterday Aam Aadmi Party had exposed liquor distribution by other parties to woo voters. When Election commission didn’t give a single duck about it, AAP have themselves come up with a counter strategy. Star reporter Shaitaan Khopdi™ found out that Delhi youth has responded tremendously to this idea.

Arvind smiling after hitting the Jackpot.
Arvind smiling after hitting the Jackpot.

The other political parties Congress and BJP have cried foul and asked Election Commission to intervene. A senior Congress leader told Faking News “These new parties have no respect for traditions. We have been distributing liquor since last 66 years on election eve; even BJP never contradicted it. How can they suddenly change the rules of the game? I am sure Mr Khurshid or Mr Sibbal whoever of them is the current Law minister is going to ask telecom companies to block internet in Delhi tomorrow. We blocked Metro during Anna’s Anshan, blocking internet is no big deal”.

BJP has also criticized the move. Ravi Shankar Prasad first demanded resignation from Arvind Kejriwal and then said “Sharaab sukh aur dukh dono ki saathi hoti hai. Distributing liquor is a way of telling voters that no matter which government comes to power, their situation is not going to change. So get used to of your life, sad or happy whatever it is. Please don’t tell Modi ‘Saheb’ but we even managed to smuggle it during Gujarat elections although liquor is banned in Gujarat”

Unfazed of the criticism, AAP is going ahead with the plans and has started setting up Wi-Fi networks. Voters are excited about it and have already started asking how much speed they can expect. Rahul Mehra, a 28 year old young techie whose electricity connection was cut 3 days back for not paying the bills is ready go to polling booth tomorrow to download LOTR Trilogy from torrents vote for AAP. Another AAP supporter Tarun Agrawal quoted “Make sure you post on Kejri’Wall’ before posting anything on Facebook wall”.

Meanwhile EC woke up late and was thinking ways of finding out people who voted for Aam Aadmi Party under the influence of free Wi-Fi. Faking News suggests its readers to avoid checking in to polling booth’s free Wi-Fi. It is not same as checking in to Airports, Hotels and coffee shops. This will help in avoiding detection by EC. We understand that staying away from showoff is too much to ask from ‘Delhites’ but it is advisable for tomorrow.