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AAP promises a SMS poll immediately after general elections result

14, Jan 2014 By mascot

Today AAP announced that they will conduct more SMS polls after LS elections results. AAP continued with saying that AAP always works for aam aadmi and aam aadmi also have do the work in return to form a successfull government.

SMS polls again?
SMS polls again?

Talking about SMS polls they said they have listed out possible scenerios of a result and people will decide what should party do.

Possible scenarios are :-

1. If same situation like in delhi happens again in general elections :- SMS poll if they should take support of other corrupt parties to form government. 2. If reverse situation happens :- SMS poll for if they should give support to other corrupt party. 3. If we got majority :- SMS poll for delhi people to decide who will be the CM after kejriwal. 4. If any other party gets majority(Or when AAP is not required in any case) :- SMS poll for which freebie was missing in the agenda.

Asking about why sms polls are necessary, Senior party leader prashant bhusan explained that SMS polls are required in three cases. 1. When reality show crosses a level where judges don’t decide which contestants will go to next level. 2. When Prize contests are to be conducted by asking very tough questions in between advertisements of a serial like what is the sum of 2+2. 3. When AAP is confused. When asked if there will be any further SMS polls, AAP said they are thinking to conduct a SMS poll to ask common people of india about what should be the next SMS poll.

When asked why AAP is not conducting a SMS poll for what people freebies want so they can include that in their agenda, He said this type of polls will attract huge crowd and may lead to a stempede in AAP’s SMS servers.

Asking to BJP about SMS polls of AAP, they said we were already conducting similiar type of things using more advanced technology like watsapp poll but media didn’t covered as extensively as they are covering AAP.

When asked to Congress about SMS polls, Rahul gandhi said that he don’t require any SMS polls to win the elections, he learned this from his dadi.

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