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AAP plans protest as Himesh Reshamiya plans collaboration with Yo Yo Honey SIngh

08, Dec 2013 By iamgreat

Delhi. Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) spokesperson Mr, Bhrashth Kaun Patel has, in a press interview, said that the party plans a mass protest at Jantar Mantar after news surfaced that ‘acclaimed’ music director-singer-actor Himesh Reshamiyaa has planned of a collaboration with controversial singer Yo Yo Honey SIngh. “It is truly a horrifying news for the innocent people of our country. Corruption has reached such abysmal levels in our music industry that even people like Honey Singh and Himesh Reshamiya can think of a collaboration!” said Mr Patel.

Arvind Kejriwal
Kejriwal during protest

Mr Patel further said, “We appeal to the people of my country to vote us into power and we’ll cut the payment rates of these ‘artists’ into half. We will bring in a special ‘Honey ke Surror Se Bachao Force’ for the protection of women and children of our country from such execrable noise. We will provide better public toilet facilities so that people don’t resort to listening to such music while using those toilets just to ensure that there are things worse than those toilets.”

Referring to their manifesto of opening public library in each Assembly constituency, Mr Patel said “We will also open a public music library where we will have a special section dedicated to artists like Honey SIngh, Himesh and Anu Malik. We want to tell the people what kind of noise these corrupt governments have promoted. Every CD sold of these artists is a huge scam. This is a Surgate Scam. I hope CBI does an investigation into it.”

Noted lyricist  and writer Javed Akhtar has come out in support of the protests. Mr Akhtar says” These are dark times for our music industry when blue coloured contact lenses and the taste of the alcohol are appreciated more than the bright sun, the full moon or the rains in love songs.”

After the announcement by the party, Himesh Reshammiya tweeted ,”Blue eyes have opened my eyes. Vote for Modi. Yo! Yo!” #assmiya