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AAP planning to conduct KGWall FX inspired by Lunar Eclipse

06, Apr 2015 By billthelizard

New Delhi: As per the reliable sources, AAP may plan for Lunar Eclipse kind of thing. And from known sources the person who was said to be the ‘best AAM AADMI in the world or any other world’ is going to play a key role. When came to know about this, even our Faking News reporter got shocked but it did not take much time to come out of it as these kind of plans are expected from AAP.

Information: Just to set a background, a lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth into its shadow. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle. While this is happening we can see Moon slowly disappearing.

Eclipse Kejriwal
Taking out this time for Lunar Eclipse.

After coming out of shock, our reporter could not control asking who are going to play three roles in it. When this question was asked he saw a glow in the eyes of our source inside AAP before he proceed to reveal. As per him, AK will play Sun role, his muffler will play Earth’s role and remaining AAP members going to play moon role. As muffler cannot hide entire AAP members, inspired by Modi suit with his name all around Kejriwal is planning to replace muffler with bed sheet. AAP is having so many expectations around it, because Lunar Eclipse has highest TV coverage around the world, so utilising it’s concept would make the world know about AAP and satisfies it’s target on each AAP member (If you don’t know the target, the target is at least 30 a member has to appear in TV. You are free to make anything to appear in TV. It could be even taking black money or claiming that you slept with an asteroid ).

He also added, AAP expects it to help Kejriwal contesting for Secretary-General position of the United Nations. Our reporter immediately asked where do you plan to do this, he replied in Assembly and it is named KGWall FX. After the discussion, our reporter went to other party leaders to take opinions about this. When told this is how they responded.

Digvijay Singh: Lol! We are ahead of AAP. If you Lunar Eclipse today, the bright part of Moon is actually not the moon. It was Rahul’s place. We are going announce this to media. We are waiting for RG to come back so that we can set up meeting. If he does not come back today, may be he might wait till Solar Eclipse.

Amit Shah: Really? It’s ok. We have Modi to counter them.

Lalu Prasad Yadav: My full support will be there for AAP. I will ask them if any role is available. Asteroid role is also fine.

Subramanya Swamy: lol! (Nothing said, really. Then he started writing something on his Facebook page)

Deepika Padukone:  Great empowerment like in my MyChoice video. And also I forgot to mention a thing. I want to have sex even on Moon. I want to have sex even on Sun with an Alien. It’s MyChoice.

Yogendra Yadav: It seems like reality show to me and it is already happening in real.

Sanjay Jha: It’s not a new Idea. We practiced it many times inside office. And one more thing, during our tenure Sun has got more shine. So, credit goes to congress.

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