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AAP planning "Cough syrup with Kejriwal" to counter BJP's "Chai pe charcha with NaMo"

06, Feb 2014 By sudhanshu raj singh

Worried by the aggressive style of campaigning of BJP’s  Primeministerial candidate Narendra Modi, senior congress leaders are reportedly planning a massive public outreach program to counter Modi’s new campaign strategy “Chai pe charcha with Namo.”

Coughing his way to the glory.
Coughing his way to the glory.

A senior leader on condition of anonymity stated that since Rahulji is very popular among childlike people we are thinking of starting a rasna party which we will call “Rasna With RaGa”.This will also help us to display the childlike honesty and earnestness that our rahul baba has. On being asked what will be the theme of the parties..he thunderously replied “empowerment, empowerment and only empowerment”.

Rajiv Shukla when contacted said that, “I don’t know anything about this plan.. but you all must know that Rahul baba in his childhood days used to prepare Rasna drinks for his friends and his family. His grandmother (Indira gandhi) liked that very much.Point is he did this for fun because he liked it not because he was forced to do” in an indirect jibe at Modi.

Well if the two big parties are cashing on beverages how can the new party be behind. Highly placed sources in AAP confirm that they are also planning something like this. “Cough syrup with AK” is leading the race but  is being closely followed by “Dharna party with AK”.

For those who don’t know, one of the most important facets of the AAP supremo’s Personality is coughing.We are also getting reports that they are planning to add “700 litres of  cough syrup free for every citizen” clause in their manifesto.

Some enthusiastic AAP supporters were heard shouting ” we will make cough syrup our national drink when we come to power”. Well the take home message for common people is you are going to get lots of parties..