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AAP offers 100 GB data download per household every month

03, Jan 2014 By nchoudhary

Keeping up with populist policies and promising freebies on tax payers money, Aam Aadmi Party has now promised 100 GB of free broadband data every month to all Delhi households.

Final nail in BJP’s coffin.

“Aam Aadmi of this country needs to download Sachin Tendulkar’s batting videos as now he has retired, download pirated music, movies and off course P**n. Our government is committed to fulfilling this basic need of Delhi’s Aam Aadmi,” said Kumar Avishwas, spokesman of the Aam Aadmi Party.

When asked by a reported from medial channel Kal Tak on why this was not promised in the election manifesto, Mr. Avishwas stated, “We told everyone that ‘sab chor hair, sab bhrasht hain which implies broadband service providers bhi chor hain. Sabka audit hoga and sabko jail bhej denge.

On questions of how will the service providers be able to bear this cost he said “We will also start broadband data conservation, all users who download even 100 kb more than the limit, will have to pay for everything.”

This news has been welcomed by aam aadmi of Delhi and has left the chief opposition party, the BJP stunned. There was absolute silence in BJP headquarters on this news and none of their spokesperson agreed to talk to the media.

Among the media circle, everyone agrees this is the final nail in BJP’s coffin for 2014 election. Mr. Modi’s so call wave has been reliant mostly on youth and middle class voters but the lure of free download of Sachin’s batting and Sunny Leone’s videos will be too much for the youth.

More reactions from BJP and all other parties will come on tonight’s┬áprime time┬ádebates. Heated and high TRP debates are expected tonight.