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AAP & NaMo fans react after watching Kejriwal in Varanasi on TV

26, Mar 2014 By IndiaAnalyst

Kejriwal Interview in K(h)ashi
Kejriwal Interview in K(h)ashi

Special report on interview of Kejriwal in Varanasi.

Two friends are watching the live interview at home.

Weird but possibility exists – one of them is AAP fan and other is NaMo fan.

Using mind reading software developed in-house we have read the real ‘thoughts’ of viewers on Kejriwal which are shown below.


Reporter: Will you fight from Varanasi?

Kejriwal:  I will ask people of Varanasi in my rally. If they want me to fight against Modi I will fight.

[AAPFan: Wow! He is real messiah. So much respect for people wish.]

[NaMoFan: WTH! Half the crowd is volunteers he got from Delhi! If he really respects people wish should go back to and govern Delhi as people there gave him mandate first.]

Reporter: Do you think you can win here?

Kejriwal:  AAM AADMI should worry about it not me, it  is their war it will be their victory. Yeh unki Jeet Hai meri nai.

[AAPFan: Hurrah! Aam Aadmi will vote for him for their own sake.] [NaMoFan: So Cute! How will AAM AADMI win?  Only Kejriwal will enjoy the power like he did in Delhi and then move onto bigger chanda and bigger goals.  ]

Reporter: How will AAM AADMI win?

Kejriwal:  (*Coughs*) Ab junta in logo ko power nahi degi – Ab junta ko power chahiye. People will decide everything. We will bring Mohalla Sabha and decentralize power.

[AAPFan: Real Democracy!] [NaMoFan: Democracy? Then why elect representatives? Just have Mohalla elections!

Apne Ghar ke aur Hsg. Society ke kaam karne ka toh time nahi hai aur log mohalle ke kaam karenge? It will cause corrupt ‘khaaps’ or local goons to lead in Mohalla!! AAM AADMI marega agar ye aaya toh!

What AAM AADMI actually needs is single window clearance and timely grievance redressal like Swagat Online in Gujarat! ]

Reporter: Why challenge Modi?

Kejriwal:  I have not come to become MP otherwise would choose a safe seat.

System change karna hai! There is no development in Gujarat, I have been there. BJP ko harana hai to Modi to harana hoga!!

[AAPFan: Wow! Such a big leader! ] [NaMoFan: Not again! If he will not become MP after winning who will? If there is no development in Gujarat and he wants to defeat Modi why doesn’t he fight from Vadodara too?

BTW which is a safe seat for Kejriwal nowadays? Modi has obligation to Gujarat and Varanasi is strategic seat. If it is safe seat as per Kejriwal then whats the point in creating ruckus here?

Modi will never give importance to nobody like Kejriwal no matter what nautanki he does for his political resume. Makes me wonder he’s working on Congress agenda!

AK is a remedy  worse than the malaise! All parties start with good intentions and then tend to lose way without any ideological aims ]

Reporter: Some say it is strategic mistake to move out of Delhi to Varanasi? Do you think you will get even 10 seats in LokSabha?

Kejriwal:   I believe there will be re-election after a year. Stability is not required for growth honesty is required.  (*Coughs*) AAM AADMI will win. (AAM AADMI jeetega!)

[AAPFan: Wow! Cant wait for re-election! Want to see AK as PM ] [NaMoFan: Illiterates! Anybody knowing basic economics would tell you the havoc,  joblessness, rupee devaluation and losses instability creates. Youth hasn’t seen 1977 or 1996 successive hung parliaments.

Poverty will increase so will inflation in that case. Then how will AAM AADMI win? Personal honesty is not enough. Look at Manmohan Singh – father of policy paralysis.

Only NaMo can deliver today stability and honesty both of which are needed along with visionary leadership! AAM AADMI needs jobs and low inflation not system change!

Hume sirf AAM nahi ek ACCHCHA AADMI chahiye. India really needs that in this phase!

In worst case imagine someone like Bhayawati, Bhamta or Bhulayam becoming PM with support of Congress and Kejriwal to #StopModi.

They have fooled AAM AADMI’s of Delhi and now trying to fool the nation!! Just look and learn from what happened in Delhi!!]

Interview Ends – Both friends have huge headache and go out for ‘chai’.

[Reporter (thinking):

WTF! How come in every interview since last one year he says same things?

Another Rahul RTI Gandhi in making. Khud ki party mein itne criminals hai uska kya?

Har waqt Modi Ye Modi Woh. Abe tu kya karenga ye bata na?

Agar upar se order nahi hote toh.. I would have been doing some real intellectual debates in studio!]