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AAP mulls starting an undergarment business to end VIP culture

17, Mar 2015 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party is believed to have been engaged in deep thinking over “curbing the VIP culture”, a bullet point on the list of agendas as part of its Delhi governance.

“Banning VIP Culture”

As a first step towards achieving this, the Delhi unit has come up with a brilliant idea – opening up an undergarment business. We spoke to one of their spokespersons who said, “VIP has been in the market since about 35 years approximately and its monopoly cannot be tolerated anymore. People are tired with VIP and they need a new brand, a brand that can cater to the needs of an Aam Aadmi. Everyone knows the truth about VIP that it is corrupt and has lately been involved in brief trading. Time has come for Appwear, the common wear that anyone can wear!”

Sources say Appwear is going to be an anti-capitalist garment and will be made of pure cotton with a special feature of being wearable on both sides. As it is going to be wearable on both sides, populist intellectuals have strongly supported this while NGOs have actively backed this as the “skip-wash” technology it is build with makes you wear it without a wash for two weeks!

Let us hope this new brand of undergarment doesn’t disappoint like the new brand of politics.