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AAP moves to Supreme court against Modi for not doing any dharna

13, Aug 2014 By Tabhiso G

In a continuation to his efforts of cleaning the Indian Politics, the crusader of change has again taken the lead. As expected Mr. Khaliwal has knocked the Apex court door to sue the newly elected Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi.

In his petition the 49-Day-Ex-Delhi-CM has alleged that Mr. Modi hasn’t even done a single dharna(protest) in 2 month long serving period of his Government.

In an exclusive interview to Faking times, after filing the petition he told, “Maine to pehle hi kaha tha, ye Modi ji tanashah hain. Ye sab mile huye hain.  Inhone 12 saal mai Gujarat mai 1 bhi aandolan nahi kiya. (I already warned you that Modi is a modern Hitler. He hasn’t even done single dharna in his 12 year stint as Gujarat CM).”

I want to tell common people, our PM is not letting any one participate in Government functioning. He is not doing a single dharna which a basic right of the common man. This is when he has clear majority in lower house”, he added.

When reached for comment, YoYoGendra Kadav, Senior leader AAP (who lost badly in Lok Sabha elections) said, “Dharna is a basic right of the people, provided in our constitution . Through this process we let aam aadmi participate in the governance. This is our Swaraj, it’s the duty of Government to make sure people participation.”

If the insiders are to be believed, Congress is also planning to file another petition on the matter in Supreme court. Per sources, “Congress working committee is of view that Modi being from Gujarat, the Home state of Bapu, can not do such things. And believe that this makes the case even stronger. They are also planning to raise this issue in parliament and demand for Dharna Bachao Act along with CBI investigation in last 12 years of Gujarat government rule, where not even a single dharna happened.”

Going one step further, Kumara Bakwas said , “This the Government has come with full majority, then why there are no subsidies declared till date? We did the same within 48 hours, even when we were not in majority. Now you can see yourself which Government is working for the Nation.”

Meanwhile our special moron correspondent is still trying to understand the reaction given from Congress VP, Baba Gandhi on the issue about Women empowerment.