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AAP members given a task to report controversial videos of Kumar Vishwas to YouTube

30, Jan 2014 By rohitknhs

AAP members across India have received an email by AAP requesting them to report controversial videos of Kumar Vishwas on Youtube. This email is believed to be a solution made by Arvind Kejriwal to tackle controversies of Kumar Vishwas videos on Youtube.

The email read as:

“Dear AAP member,

We are pleased to have you in our party. We are committed to be on Media’s eyes and ears and we also want everyone to believe that Kumar Vishwas is anti-racist. However due to negligent actions by Kumar Vishwas in the past,we request you to find and report the videos which you think can turn out controversial.We want every controversial video of Kumar Vishwas on YouTube to get deleted. We will reward every AAP Member in the nation soon after every Kumar Vishwas video is deleted. The reward will be revealed very soon.

Thank You”

This comes as a shock to many AAP members.AAP members will have to invest in expensive internet plans which can’t be afforded by the Common man.Sources say that AAP will reward the members by providing a list of poems by Kumar Vishwas. It is also believed that there are at least 40-60 controversial videos of Kumar Vishwas online. An AAP Member who wished to remain Anonymous said:”We will be happy enough to do this task but we have  to face many problems. A common man can’t use 30 minutes of Internet a day to report Kumarji‘s videos. Moreover we need funds from AAP and Arvind Kejriwal to buy a new smartphone to report the videos. I am not sure if a common man’s party can provide us these things. I will pray to God that people believe Kumar Vishwas is not a racist.”

Its up to God if the videos get successfully deleted before anyone gets hurt by the videos.Kumar Vishwas commented by sayin,”I am not a racist though I said these comments in a jest. The other videos on YouTube are edited by Rahul Gandhi’s hacker friends. They successfully replicated my voice and created such videos. I am even willing to go for a nuclear war for such actions by Rahul Gandhi.”

Meanwhile Dr Harshvardhan of BJP is sharing these videos through email and MMS. Now its up to Time if these videos get viral.