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AAP leaders cry foul as ministers pick up broom in mission ‘Clean India’

27, Sep 2014 By Prasanna Narayanan

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi, initiating ‘Mission Swacch Bharat’, AAP founder and former Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced that he would be protesting against the government for imitating AAP ideologies. They have declared this to be a political conspiracy by the BJP government to further malign the name of the AAP party.

AAP’s copyright?

“People know that AAP has always stood for the Aam Aadmi. We are the pioneers to introduce the broom into the political system to clean away the filth.  Now the present BJP government is only copying our strategies to mislead people from their corrupt activities. Yehi to scam hai,” a visibly upset Kejriwal told the Faking News reporter.

When our reporter asked whether the intentions of the government may be genuine, the AAP supremo shot back, “aap reporters saare bikh chuke ho. You are also an Ambani agent. When we were carrying brooms and cleaning the filth, no one even bothered to ask. I am going to protest against the misuse of AAP’s party symbol by the present government”.

The party has also sent bulk sms’s to all its party functionaries to protest wherever they see any BJP party member using the broom on the streets.

Reacting to AAP’s comments, a senior BJP leader said, “People in our country have always used a broom to clean up filth. This AAP has only started using it recently. This is a call for attention which has arisen out of desperation. Dramebaaz is just trying to disrupt whatever good we are doing. We know we have the complete support of the people of this country and if needed, we will clean every house if required.  Yuss We Will.”

Meanwhile, Congress Leader Digvijaya Singh commented, ”BJP splits with Shiv Sena, and the very next minute, they are holding brooms. Any connection?” leaving our reporter flummoxed.

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