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AAP launches LS ticket cancellation portal

04, Apr 2014 By Mahesh Jagga

Aam Aadmi Party announced today that it has launched an online portal to handle candidates’ requests to cancel party tickets for parliamentary elections. This portal would also be used for booking parliamentary tickets & changing constituencies.

Announcing this at a press conference, AAP spokesman stated, “Our candidates who wanted to return the tickets were facing a problem. We had established counters to receive cancellation requests but the wave for change was so strong that we were not able to handle the crowd. Hence we decided to use technology & provide solutions to our party candidates.”

Candidates queue for cancelling tickets

“Additionally, this portal would also assist the candidate book their parliamentary tickets & change the constituencies.”

“Now, a candidate can apply for a ticket online. Candidate has to fill in the details & the constituency of this choice and in few minutes, can print his ticket, or if he wishes, email it to directly to the election commission office. In case the specified constituency is not available, portal allots a waiting list number. Though we can’t guarantee it, but our experience says that a candidate with waiting list number 10 should get confirmed on important constituencies. On some other constituencies, this figure may go upto 50 or 60.”

Portal has the ability to handle change or cancellation requests in similar fashion, thus establishing a truly honest & transparent process of ticket distribution which by virtue of being based on ‘first come first serve’ adheres to principles of natural justice too.

“Other facilities available on the portal are ‘Tatkal’ & ‘Rajdhani’ schemes. While ‘Tatkal’ provides the queue jumping feature for last minute ticket seekers for a fixed cost, ‘Rajdhani’ scheme is a dynamic pricing based model developed specifically for tickets belonging to Delhi, capital of India. The cost of ticket in this scheme keeps varying depending upon various inputs like latest opinion poll data, party fund position, crowds at last rallies etc. For this purpose, the portal is linked to various news channels & other sources & updates the input data every hour.”

“It is important to note here that cost paid for booking tickets thru Tatkal & Rajdhani schemes, is not refundable.”

“These two facilities are available from 10 AM to 12 Noon everyday while the ordinary booking, change or cancellation feature can be used throughout the day.”

The spokesman added, “Due to heavy load, the candidates may experience difficulties in accessing the portal, we seek their cooperation. We request them to plan well in advance for bookings as well as cancellations to avoid last minute traffic.”

Surprisingly the press conference ended without any questions from reporters. Upon further enquiry by Faking News reporter, it was found that since AAP is known to ‘not’ answer any questions, newspapers & TV channels have begun sending only recording machines to AAP press conferences.