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AAP granted minority status; whole India starts praising the party

24, Jan 2014 By manithan

Delhi: At first, it appeared like Kejriwal and his ministers are going to sit for dharna outside Rahul Gandhi’s home. Even before they could approach the entrance of the house, Congress ministers and party members started making human barriers to stop them from waking up their master.

Celebration time.

Waving his hand to the crowd from balcony, Rahul had shouted, “Arvind called me for meeting. I’m happy to have a talk with him”. Then, he disappeared into the room along with Kejriwal and then there was meeting inside the closed doors. After a hour, Kejriwal came out and said that it is a great victory for them and then sped in his car.

It sent a puzzling wave across the crowd that gathered, as they were clueless about what had happened. Our reporter tried to get an aam aadmi party member and asked him about what happened inside.

An excited aam aadmi, Dhiraj said, “Aam Aadmi Party was too depressed about the turn of events in the past few days. We are being cornered by all sections of society. Especially, we are ridiculed more by BJP supporters, who happen to be communals. So, we met yesterday and decided to meet Rahulji and ask for it. And guess what, we got it,” He paused and beamed. And then he continued, “We want to stop the criticism and we want to be the unquestionable. So, we decided to ask for minority status. And when we approached Rahulji, he was so caring enough to grant us minority status”.

When asked about what makes them minority in India, he replied, “Of course, we are minority government in Delhi with external support of Congress. We support minorities like Naxals. We are friends only with minorities. And hence, we are eligible for minority status in India. Leave this all, we oppose Modi and it takes us many steps ahead of other minorities.”

As soon as the Central government declared Aam Aadmi Party as minority, the following changes took place in India within a hour:

  • News channels stopped relaying negative about Somnath bharti and started praising his detective skills in finding the criminals.
  • Media stopped condeming Kejriwal and said his dharna resembles the ‘Civil disobedience’ movement of Gandhi.
  • Sushilkumar Shinde apologized before Kejriwal and recited a poem penned by Kapil Sibal – “Main yeda, aap se fida, kabhi alvidha na kehna“. It is believed that Kumar Vishwaas was touched by these lines.
  • Kerala Cong and Nurse association praised Kumar Vishwaas for his funny attitude. Even, his other controversial remarks turned into comedy remarks.
  • Arnab praised AAP and gave them full time in the Newshour. Not even single question was asked.
  • Twitter in India went into silence mode, with only few hardcore communal extremist fans of Modi, who were paid by RSS-BJP-VHP-Jews and taught on how to tweet by APCO, raising their voice against AAP. They too admitted their fear that they might be hanged for criticizing the minority.
  • AAP member strength swelled into 500 million and people were supporting AAP to prove their secular credentials. There were confirmed reports that criminals were given clean chit and their entire criminal history is purged once they join AAP.
  • Sheila Dikshit surrendered herself to the Delhi police, which is now under control of Delhi govt.

There were news from trusted sources that United States of America has approached Rahul Gandhi, asking for minority status, so that the dispute between the two countries on Devyani issue gets solved.