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AAP govt to hire Snoop Dogg as brand ambassador of its new Snooping policy

01, Jun 2015 By shriraj

Despite Mounting criticism, the AAP govt in delhi has proposed to hire Rapper Snoop Dogg as the brand ambassador of its new Snooping policy on the citizens of Delhi.

When contacted by the Faking News correspondent, the AAP spokesperson said that the idea was the brainchild of a certain Mr. Somnath Bharti who became a national sensation after masquerading as a Vigilante Minister on the streets of Delhi while personally snooping on illegal Foreign immigrants in 2013.

He will need to wear AAP cap
He will need to wear AAP cap

The AAP govt. is planning to use Snoop Dogg’s fame to raise awareness on its new Snooping policy which it hopes will end cases of illicit affairs between couples, minimize instances of friend zoning in DU colleges etc. Mr Bharti states that “we want to snoop on every phone, email in the city so that we eliminate the rampant social evils plaguing our society such as friend zones, illicit affairs,tracking political rivals etc and share it with the concerned citizens and what better way to do it than using the Rashtriya Snoop Dogg yojna by which citizens can avail the facility of tapping the phones and emails of their loved ones in exchange for a nominal fee”.

The AAP govt seeks to use the income generated by such a scheme to help pay for Core election promises made in its Manifesto like the Yogendra Yadav Moon Mission.

Overjoyed at this news, Snoop Dogg has decided to release a new single feat Somnath Bharti titled “I got my eyes on you”. He said, “I jus wanna to say to yoall homies that its an honour to be a part of this historic snooping campaign and i just cant wait to roll it with Delhi Folks” and that he is looking forward to enjoy the much awaited Herbal Therapy session arranged with the AAP cabinet who would be given a workshop on rolling Joints and year long supply of the holy leaf along with other SnoopD merchandise.

Arvind Kejriwal in the meanwhile has promised free vipasna courses to all citizens whose calls and emails will be tapped as part of the Rashtriya SnoopD Yojna.

Swami Agnivesh has criticized the move saying that he should have instead been made the Poster Boy of this snooping policy of the Govt. by stating that he was the pioneer on this field by reminding people of his snooping activities of the Anna Movement in 2012 and reporting it to the UPA Govt.

He later stated, “I have a rich history of snooping on people right from my schooldays to my wife and it is preposterous as to how a man from foreign origin gets selected ahead of me in spite of my shining credentials. I am planning file a case in the Apex court on Mr Kejriwal, Mr Bharti and the AAP Govt for denying me my birth right.”

Swami Agnivesh was later seen at the crossword bookstore for the release of the “Guide to Snooping for Dummies Vol 2” for which he is a co-author.