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AAP fields Kejriwal's wife to assure media nobody would be sent to jail

16, Mar 2014 By trishanku

As a damage control exercise, the AAP decided to field Kejriwal’s wife to reassure media that his threat to jail all media when he becomes the PM was just his pet phrase ( takia kalam) to express his anger and he doesn’t mean it literally.

During the press conference she took great pains to point out the genesis of this habit, ” You see as an IRS officer he had to repeatedly confront unscrupulous people. Every day he would tell at least ten people : I would send you to Jail” and then get them to comply with the law.”

“Unfortunately he carried this habit too far and sometimes would use these words when angry on some issue at home. So the media people need not worry,” she added

As a more recent proof she cited his statements before Delhi elections when he had threatened to put Sheila Dixit and many Congress and BJP leaders in jail. ” He didn’t do any such thing , even though he became the chief minister of Delhi and had all the authority to initiate her prosecution. In fact, out of compassion he didn’t even talk about Sheila Dixit until it became clear that she would be getting immunity from prosecution after being appointed as a Governor. So the media need not worry about what would happen if he were to become the PM. His heart is full of compassion. ” she said to reassure the media people who seemed to be in great fright,” she concluded