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AAP declared 'joint' - Oxford Word of the Year 2013

13, Dec 2013 By ishanmn

After winning the hearts of Dilliwalas in an unprecedented debut, it looks like the Aam Aadmi Party has managed to garner another vote from an unexpected quarter.

In another first-of-its-kind event, the Oxford University Press has declared ‘AAP’ as the Word of the year 2013’, after the title-winner had already been declared a few days ago.

When asked how ‘AAP’ could have been chosen after the word ‘selfie’ had already been crowned so, the OUP jury replied, “AAP has been given the title along with the earlier winner ‘Selfie’. Having it as a joint-winner goes with the mood of the AAP triumph”. “It’s a hung dictionary”, one jury member chuckled. On being questioned about the (lack of) global awareness of the AAP wave, the jury replied that, as per their sources, a majority of Indians were aware of it. “And that’s like a sixth of the world”, they added.

Though on one hand the decision was met with massive celebrations and cap-brandishing by the AAP supporters, who labelled this as a direct leap for the party from the regional to international stage, members of the BJP were quick to express their resentment.

“How can the NaMo phenomenon be overlooked? This must be stopped”. However, their attempts were thwarted as serial PIL filer Prashant Bhushan had already filed an anticipatory PIL against any potential PILs against this decision.

However, a few BJP minions sneered and remarked, “Let us come to power next year. Seems like we will have to bowdlerize the Oxford dictionary too!”. Another one quipped, “Remember NCERT!”, signing off with an evil grin.

Meanwhile, in a ceremony held at Oxford (where else?), the Oxford Press revealed a plaque with the definition of the newly inducted ‘AAP’.

AAP (pronounced aa-p). noun. 1) abbreviation for Aam Aadmi Party or the Common Man Party. 2) a powerful disruptive force that literally sweeps one off their feet. / usageI will use the word AAP in a sentence in a manner that you can’t even imagine, said the Prince.

verb. To do something when nobody’s expecting you to. / usage: Arnab AAP’d his guests today when he listened to them patiently for thirty seconds.