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AAP creates Khas Aadmi Wing to fulfill political aspirations of celebrities and seasoned politicians

22, Jun 2017 By shersingh

AAP has always been criticized for ignoring a particular minority group in the country- the seasoned politicians and celebrities. The celebrities and politicians, who have a poor career prospects in other parities, were also marginalized by AAP. These VIPs were always angry with AAP for not creating enough job opportunities to fulfill their political aspirations.

Launching a new party
Launching a new party

In spirit of upcoming elections, AAP has recognized importance electability over ideology and principles. AAP has taken an initiative to create a safe haven for celebrities and politicians, and AAP is on the full swing to recruit them. Their first priority is given to Big Boss participants since they are never guilty of anything despite of so many “sting operations” videos. These new members AAP go through a special purity ritual to get pardon of their past deeds and emerges with a clean image overnight.

Vishesh Khetan, the spokesperson of AAP, has told a fake reporter that AAP was and always will be a place for famous people, regardless of their ideology, to join politics. We have opened a 24 hours hotline for celebrities and seasoned politician to join AAP as long as they show a slight chance of electability. AAP will soon announce its Khas Aadmi Wing for these new recruits, so these VIPs can mingle with like minded people.

When asked about about a place for the real Aam Aadmi in the party, Mr. Khetan said that this the only party which was named after an Aam Aadmi, what more can they ask for. Our reporter was pushed aside after this question because Vishesh Khetan couldn’t give full attention to the reporter of Times Whatever news channel.

AAP has promised to give out all the assembly election tickets to these celebrities, so the elite of the country can decide the future of a common can man as always.