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AAP to contest elections in Pakistan, winds up operations in India

16, Apr 2017 By sanand317

New Delhi: In a coup of sorts the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) president Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has announced to wind up its ‘operations’ in India and instead  has decided to contest elections in Pakistan. In a hurriedly called press conference, where two reporters were present, one being  Ashutosh himself, Mr. Kejriwal  said, “Our prime motto since the day of party’s inception was to bring anarchy in

Kejriwal's final bye-bye to PM Modi
Kejriwal’s final bye-bye to PM Modi

the country. Therefore, those who did not adhere to our concept of anarchy were thrown out of the party. Despite our best efforts in the last two years except for Delhi, which fell into our lap for no fault for hers, we have not been able to bring anarchy in any other part of the country. For this BJP is to be blamed because they are blatantly tempering with the EVMs. This pushes our stated goal of anarchy in grave danger here in India and therefore we are relocating to a new place.”

Elaborating on why he Pakistan is natural destination for relocation he said, “Pakistan offers  the best environment  were the success of  “Project Anarchy” has the potential to surpass  our expections.Its proximity with Afghanistan ,a prominent role of non state actors in its already chaotic politics make Pakistan to be our obvious choice.”

He decided not to divulge his strategies further and left the venue in a hurry . Aashutosh  made a futile attempt to chase the high speeding blue WagonR of Mr.Kejriwal  and was seen weeping inconsolably on a nearby pavement. Further details on this move of Mr. Kejriwal are awaited.

P.S. –Later Mr. Kejriwal, through an SMS, demanded to replace the word “OUR” with “MY” and “WE” with “I” in all his conversations during the press conference. Readers are advised to use their discretion regarding the same.