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AAP to contest elections in Gotham

25, Jan 2017 By AdityaSachan

Gotham. After contesting for elections in every possible state in India; supreme leader Arvind Kejriwal and his party has decided to move beyond India and become international party.

Running before Dark Knight rises.
Running to form government before Dark Knight rises.

“After our Supreme Leader watched The Dark Knight Trilogy at first he wanted to tweet and blame PM Modi for so much crime and violence in Gotham. But then we informed him that BJP is not ruling party there. Suddenly the brilliant idea struck and we decided after our supreme leader’s blessings to contest elections in Gotham”, AAP supporters reported cheerfully.

“We have already started our preparations. And will give every Gotham citizen a free ‘Jhaadu’ to fight against evil. Mr. Kejriwal is collecting evidence for corruption against Commissioner Gordon and will soon give a horror-filled performance in Press Conference. He has also threatened Batman to join our party or else our Mr. Kejriwal will reveal his identity and put corruption charges against him too”, says another AAP supporter.

Many supporters were also preparing to install ‘Jhaadu Signal’ like ‘Bat-Signal’ across Gotham city to call Mr. Kejriwal instead of Batman in distress.