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AAP conducts 'Blame Modi' competition, guess who the winner is

22, Jun 2015 By chachachaudhary

New Delhi: On account of  AAP workers being free from any dharna and drama after the Jeetandra Tomar controversy in National Capital Delhi, AAP arranged a “Blame Modi” competition.

The eligibility criteria for participating in the competition was that the  participant should have blamed Modi in at least 1000 press conferences or 100000 tweets. Honorary judge was  Shree Digvijaya Singh. Shree  Arvind Kejriwal refused to judge the competition as he wanted to be unbiased and there were many participants from AAP.

Narendra Modi judging the 'Blame Modi competition'
Narendra Modi judging the ‘Blame Modi competition’

The entry form of Kumar Vishwas was rejected as he had praised Modi in the past. Rahul gandhi was not able to participate as he was on a 57 day leave when the entry forms for the competition were filed. Sonia Gandhi politely refused to participate, saying that next generation should be given chance as she had been blaming Mr. Modi even when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

The format of the competition was such that the participant had to link anything bad around them to Modi. They had to think of creative and innovative ways to blame Modi.

The top three finalist came out to be Aam Aadmi Party’s Ashutosh, Ashtosh, and Ashutosh from AAP. Ashutosh  had 1000000 tweets and 1000 press statements in a day saying Mr. Modi is responsible.

He was able to blame PM Modi for his indigestion, his kitchen tap not working, the humidity getting high, India loosing to Bangladesh in first two ODIs, his barber’s bad day, and even a mosquito biting him.

None of the participants came even close to what Ashutosh did. Both Shree Digvijaya singh and Shree Arvind kejriwal praised Ashutosh for his creativity and imagination. Digvijaya Singh also thought of rendering the services of Ashutosh  for conducting an in-house seminar for Congress workers to blame PM Modi.

Ashutosh ended the winning speech by saying “See  Mr.Modi is responsible for me winning this competition!”