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AAP comes with sub manifesto, helmet compulsory for roadshows

26, Apr 2014 By pschyoscienctist

New Delhi. AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal called for an emergency meeting last night at Delhi Headquarter to announce sub manifesto just before the last round of elections. Compulsory use of helmet has been proposed by Aam Aadmi Party in their sub manifesto after Arvind getting slapped again by an autorikshaw driver in Sultanpuri, Delhi.

Arvind Kejriwal
Helmet needed

Somnath Bharti suggested using 3D projections and not going physically for upcoming roadshows. All members should replace “Aam Aadmi Topi” with “Aam Aadmi Helmet” added Bharti. Shazia advocated Bharti’s thought whereas Kejriwal insisted to seek for public opinion on replacing “Topi” with “Helmet”.

Sanjay Singh, spokesperson AAP blamed Vadra for these attacks. Sanjay made press statement which reveals that “Aam Aadmi Helmet” will bring an exponential hike in the sales of corporate like Studds. Speculations of Vadra investing in helmet manufacturing are also very high. Chinese helmets may also get a momentum as most of the Aam Aadmi prefers to opt for cheap chinese helmets only.

According to the sources Manish Sisodia is negotiating with insurance companies for getting AAP members covered under group insurance. Sources also claim that due to these consistent attacks by Aam Aadmi on Aaam Aadmi Party leaders, insurance companies are shirking from insuring these mens as there is a high chancel of insurance companies coming under heavy loss with leaders regularly visiting Varanasi and Amethi.