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AAP claims BJP member Paresh Rawal beat up Somnath Bharti’s wife

11, Jun 2015 By anuraag

In a latest salvo directed at the BJP, Arvind Kejriwal alleged that Paresh Rawal, disguised as Somnath Bharti, attacked and beat up Bharti’s wife.

In a statement released to the media, Kejriwal elaborated on the well-planned conspiracy to discredit a women-loving, feminist like Somnath Bharti.

AAP showed this picture as clinching proof

He elaborated that the plan was hatched under the insistence of a certain “large Gujju business house” whose strategic advice was to leverage the eerily similar facial patterns of Bharti and Rawal.

Kejriwal alleged that Rawal, disguised at Bharti, entered the Somnath Bharti household everyday for the last 5 years, beat up Bharti’s wife and ran away. It was alleged that Rawal stole 3 pieces of ‘malpua’ from the Bharti household for which Kejriwal demanded an SIT be set up immediately.

When asked who else was involved in the conspiracy, Kejriwal responded by providing a cyclostyled sheet that named:

  • Prime Minster& Cabinet of Ministers
  • BJP senior brass
  • Congress party
  • Ambani, Adani, etc (include any successful, self-made businessman here)
  • Indian judiciary
  • Indian police, army and other law-enforcement agencies
  • CAG, RBI, SEBI and other financial regulators
  • Department of Animal Husbandry
  • Shenaaz Hussain

When asked why the lists looks cooked up; he responded “Jab degree fake ho sakti hai, toh list kyon nahin”.

The matter is being investigated internally by AAP’s one-member panel headed by Kejriwal.