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AAP candidates to criticize Kejriwal in MCD Elections to boost winning chances

16, Apr 2017 By abrakadabra

New Delhi: Current losing streak of AAP in elections at all levels in the country is giving shivers to AAP candidates contesting Delhi MCD elections. Many see the results of by polls in  Rajouri Garden, Delhi, where their party suffered a shocking defeat , as an indication of what  lies in store for AAP in MCD elections.

केजरीवाल MCD के एलेक्षन जीतने की स्ट्रॅटजी डिसकस करते हुए
Arvind Kejriwal training his supporters for the new election strategy

The adulation which Delhi people showered them few years ago with lots of hope seems to have eroded because of their attitude of constantly blaming others for their inefficiencies.

Worried, MCD election contestants of AAP called an emergency meeting to devise a winning strategy. In the meeting held at party office, candidates  have now decided to criticize Arvind Kejriwal and put all the blame on him instead of  Modi as they always do. They are adopting this strategy as negative publicity in all elections targeting Modi has backfired.

Gopla Rai, Core committee member of AAP said, “we cannot survive without negative publicity. Useless Criticism has been our core agenda.  But  our strategy of not working ourselves and blaming  Modi for all our problems has failed miserably. Hence we have decided that instead of Modi, we will blame and criticize Arvind Kejriwal himself to win over the confidence of the electorate in Delhi”.

People privy to the developments told that though party wanted to focus on positive campaign but  Kejriwal was adamant on negative publicity as he could not survive without blaming others for his misdeeds. Considering his obstinacy, party members decided to blame Arvind Kejriwal as there is nobody  left whom they have not blamed already.