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AAP asks supporters to retweet Kejriwal's selfie until Twitter is down

11, Mar 2014 By The Silent Thinker

On 86th Academy Awards ceremony, Ellen DeGeneres requested the audience worldwide to retweet her selfie with the superstars to create a record of highest retweets ever made.

An Obama & Michelle picture  held the record of highest number of retweets, so far, for the last four years. Ellen’s selfie became the most retweeted tweet till date and the Twitter had to shut down due to heavy traffic.

Arvind Kejriwal selfie
AAP leaders

After Ellen DeGeneres’ ‘Oscars selfie’ brought twitter down, AAP’s media and publicity think tank Ashutosh has suggested Arvind Kejriwal to do the same.

Arvind Kejriwal is planning to take a selfie with all the party members with him, during a massive dharna planned in Gujarat in near future. The supporters have been asked to retweet the selfie, until the Twitter server is shut down.

In an exclusive interview, Aravind Kejriwal told to Faking News team, “Bus Hollywood film stars ko hi Twitter down karne ka haq kyon hai? Kyon Obama aur Michelle ka photo hi abhi tak second highest retweeted hai? Ab is desh ki aam janta pakk chuki hai. Twitter is desh ki aam aadmi se munafa kamati hai, par uske server down karna ka haqq bus bade logon ko hai. Aam aadmi ko bhi publicity chahiye!Is desh ka aam aadmi Twitter down karke dikhayega!!”

AAP supporters are very excited with this idea and they have already made two major mobile service providers to shut down services, by sending bulk SMS to generate awareness among people for this innovative venture.

Twitter offices in California are preparing for this attack on a war footing. They are setting up new servers to handle the enormous traffic expected during this event.

One of the network engineers talked to us, who insisted not to reveal his identity, “We are trying our best. But since India is a country of more than 1 billion people, we apprehend we may have to shut down operations, if this tweet goes viral among Indians.”

BJP and Congress are also planning similar ventures in near future. Rahul Gandhi has started ‘Har Haath Smartphone‘ campaign across India. Congress is planning to distribute cheap China made smartphones among citizens with special social media apps, which will allow you to spread pro-Congress messages only.

Rahul Gandhi believes, Social Media Empowerment is the next big thing after RTI and Women Empowerment in India. BJP has taken a step further and has decided to distribute free WiFi in BJP ruled states with special firewalls, which will restrict access and sharing anti-RSS and BJP stuff.

The two major parties have told the supporters the party high commands are working on innovative ideas to start a revolution on a large scale, using social media. But they are focusing on basic infrastructure required like smartphones and WiFi routers as of now. Being responsible political entities, they believe in empowering the people first, before a war with proper ammunition and they don’t want people to exhaust their own resources for these stunts.

The minister of Home Affairs Sushil Kumar Shinde has welcomed this stunt. He told Faking News correspondent, “We should overload Facebook and other free internet media as well along with Twitter. They will stop their operations in India and we don’t have to control and regularize them anymore. India can be once again ‘Free Media’ free country after the emergency.”